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About Blue Kinetic

With Blue Kinetic Software, you can use the same software you would install at your site, with all the cost-saving features you would expect. The difference is that you access your software through a specially designed terminal window over the internet.


We handle chores like upgrading software and daily backups for you. Other chores, like file updates, we make much simpler. Online software as a service has generated a lot of interest in the software business.


Here´s how it works: instead of buying software and installing it on your desktop computer, you access the same software over an Internet connection. The company hosting the software like us, (usually called an application service provider, or ASP) will charge users on a per-use basis or a monthly fee for unlimited use.


When you want to use the software, you go to your ASP´s Web site, enter your login information and start working. Software rental offers several advantages. The ASP bears the burden of maintaining the software, installing all of the latest updates and bug fixes and making sure that everything works correctly. Customers don´t have to worry about having the wrong number of software licenses, and they don´t have to buy the same license regardless of whether an employee uses the software every day or once a month.


As a result, an ASP can help a company manage its software costs more effectively. ASPs like Blue Kinetic are distributing software as a service over the Internet, much like your utility company distributes electricity over electrical lines. This trend is catching on in many areas, especially where the cost and complexity of software is high, such as Payroll, Accounting, Bail Bonding, Check Cashers, Pawn Shops, Car Dealerships, are to name just a few we offer. Now, instead of installing your own system, you can contact us to access your software over the Internet, and let us worry about the hassles of keeping the servers and the software up and running