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Blue Kinetics BANNER2

Equipment Needed to start a Pawn Shop

1. One or more Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers.


2 Printers we like for Contracts and Reports Are:


A. Samsung ProXpress M3320ND

B. Brother HL-L5100DN

C. Brother HL-L6200DW

D. Brother HL-L5200DW

E. Okidata B412dn

F: Okidata B432dn

G. Okidata B512dn

All of the above install well in Windows 10 and have proper control codes for the system to work properly and are used for contracts and reports.

(Okidata 320 Turbos will work also for tickets and reports) but laser is preferred.


3. One Zebra TLP2824plus printer for labels that prints numbers to go on the merchandise that is pawned or purchased.


4. Labels for Zebra Part # 10009524

Qty 3320 Labels

Size 2.250" W by 0.750" Long

Z-Select 4000T

Also Optional are removable Labels

Model 50-LTTR-2308

Order those from MarTeck


Talk to John (No single rolls Cases Only)

or Call 1-800-569-9849

Same size as above 2.25" by 0.750"



5. Wax Ribbon for Zebra (to keep numbers from fading over time)

Black General Purpose Wax

Part # 800132-002

57mm by 74M

2.24" by 2.913



One more Zebra TLP2824 Plus printer used strictly for small jewelry labels only.

(Uses same wax ribbon as above)

Uses different labels than above)

Jewelry Labels are: 8000T Jewelry Part # 10010066-R

Sold by the roll or by the 6 roll case.


Also Optional is PDF scanner for reading Drivers License and Bar Code Sales.

Scanners that we know work with our system

Honeywell 4600G

Honeywell 1900 Xenon

Metrologic Focus MS1690


In order to immulate Ascii that we use, you need to scan the bar code in the manual called Windows Mode Control + ASCII mode ON