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PCTERM 64 bit files for PCTERM Rapco Print Director 4.0 3310G Manual DL Scanner New Egg Okidata Laser Prices How To Save a Gun Journal Notifier Texting for Pawn Shops Notifier PDF instructions Link

Pawn Shops can now use Okidata Laser Printers for Contracts and Reports,

Be sure to install Rapco 4.0 to allow for Dup Tickets on one sheet of paper.

Use Laser paper perfed in the middle. Some users report they have found paper that is half white and half yellow.

Also all Okidata Laser printers are compatable with the Bail Bond Software.

The High End Brother all in one printers work with the Bonding Program Also.



Installs PCTERM for Windows Client Software for Server Access. Will work with Windows XP, Win7, and Win8. Installs as is on 32 bit systems. If you run 64 bit you will need to install the extra needed files. We can assist you with the installation if needed. Rapco printing director will need to be installed to enhance printing capabilities.

Solution for 64 bit Client machines. SEE README_FIRST for instructions after you extract the files.

Installs Rapco Printing Director 4.0

All BlueKinetic Users Need this Installed for eaiser printing


Note about DL Scanners: Know to work for us are the Honeywell Xenon 1900, & Honeywell 4600G, & 3310G-4USB-0. In order to immulate Ascii that we use, you need to scan the bar code in the manual called Windows Mode Control + ASCII mode ON located on page 2-18.. This can be found in the manual link above. Print the page that you need then scan the Windows Mode Control + ASCII. All of these scanners can also be used for other bar code options that we provide.

Click the link above for PDF file for instructions on how to save your gun journal or other data to a file.

This is the SMS texting software that will enable you to send text messages out to your clients that have overdue pawns with your company. You will need the latest version of our Rapco to use this software. Rapco Version 6 is needed. We provide the latest Rapco App to you.

Rapco Print Director 6 Latest

Self installing Rapco 6 with latest updates for Electronic Reports.

Extract from Zip File and install the setup.exe